nut tree world championship giant pumpkin weigh-off

saturday, october 9

7 am growers' check in

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Nut Tree is celebrating its 100th Anniversary! Its notable past, growing from a modest roadside fruit stand to California’s Legendary Road Stop, has captivated so many over these years. Today, Nut Tree continues to offer timeless memories to a new generation of visitors.

To mark this important milestone, the Nut Tree is ushering back the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off by the California Pumpkin Growers Club  (“CPGC”). The CPGC originally attended the Fall Festival until the Nut Tree ceased operations in 1996. Since then, they have been a part of the Pumpkin Festival in Elk Grove where it has grown into a two-day festival drawing up to 72,000 people. The World Championship Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off is returning to the Nut Tree as its official competition grounds and partner. CPGC members travel from all over the United States  to participate in this fun and entertaining event. Pumpkins can weigh over 2,000 pounds and prize money is awarded based on weight. Future farmers (6 to 17 years old) participate in their own category and  there will also be a vegetable category. The Nut Tree World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off Contest will be one of the largest purse winnings and is expected to draw many growers. Don’t miss the first annual event!

2021 Pumpkin Growers' Submission
Please indicate which categories you are competing in. A grower can enter multiple categories, but only one submission per category

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The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth’s (GPC) mission cultivates the hobby of growing giant pumpkins throughout the world by establishing standards and regulations that ensure quality of fruit, fairness of competition, recognition of achievement, fellowship and education for all participating growers and weigh-off sites.

The GPC rules will apply to all contestants entering the 2021 Nut Tree World Championship Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off. To read the GPC rules and handbook, click the link below. 

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Hotel Accommodations

We are teaming up with the Hyatt Place Hotel in Vacaville located at 610 Orange Drive. 

The group rate for a hotel reservation is $113.00 (plus tax) a night. 

For phone reservations, please call 1-800-233-1234 and request the CA PUMPKIN GROWERS' CLUB block. 

To reserve your hotel room please click the link below and type G-CPGC in the corporate/group code section. 

All reservations need to be made by Friday, September 24, 2021 in order to qualify for the group rate. 

Growers' Dinner and Ceremony

The Growers’ Dinner and Awards Ceremony will be held immediately following the conclusion of the Pumpkin Weigh-Off (Approximately 5 pm).

One free dinner ticket will be provided to each grower entering an Atlantic giant pumpkin. Additional dinner tickets may be purchased for $20 per person during pre-registration or at the link below. 

No dinner tickets will be available after October 5 as we need to have a specific number for the caterer.


Please send any dinner ticket funds to:

California Pumpkin Growers Club

PO Box 784, Penryn, CA 95663

a huge thank you to our sponsors

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Place Prize Amount:

First place is based on weight, $9/lb.

2nd $4,000

3rd  $3,500

4th $3,000

5th $2,500

6th $2,000

7th $1,500

8th $1,000

9th $900

10th $850

11th $800

12th $750

13th $700

14th $650

15th $600

16th $550

17th $500

18th $450

19th $400

20th $350

21st $300

22nd $250

23rd $200

24th $150

25th $100

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Future Farmers

Ages 6-17


Future Farmers:

1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $150

4th Place: $100

5th Place: $75

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And other vegetables


1st Place: $750

2nd Place: $450

3rd Place: $200


First Place Vegetables:


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Additional Categories

Largest Solano County Grown: $500

New California State Record: 


CPGC is also sponsoring Sacramento County's and Napa County's Largest Pumpkin categories, $500 each.



Please reach out to Brian Myers at californiapumpkingrowers@gmail.com